Tritan Wine 12 oz. Wine Clear

Tritan Wine 12 oz. Wine Clear

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Merritt International Tritan White Wine, 12 oz Clear.


  • Size: 8.25" tall x 2.75" diameter
  • Material: Acrylic; molded plastic with great clarity and transparency
  • Durable acrylic is non breakable and is recommended to be hand washed

This plastic is an excellent substitute for glass. Acrylic will not yellow and the colors are weather and sunlight resistant. Although it resists most chemicals found in normal use, dishwasher rinse agents and heat can cause cracking and crazing (hairline cracks) along the sides of the tumblers. Hand wash all acrylics to maintain optimal appearance.

If washed in the dishwasher, use a low heat rinse cycle.

Not recommended for use in the microwave.