About Us

Passiflora is a treasure trove of exceptional pieces from home and abroad selected for their individuality and affordability. An eclectic mix of all things contemporary, quirky, and chic. We are brimming with great stuff - stuff to give, stuff to keep, stuff for Home and Garden, Mind and Body, Spirit and Soul, stuff you'll fall in love with. We hope you'll sense the spirit and ambience on our website but inevitably, in print and on-line, we can only offer you a small proportion of the selection of goodies we have to tempt you. We think we've chosen well, but if there's anything you can't find here, let us know and we'll try to help. Better still, pay us a visit. Your first won't be your last.


Established in 2009.

Passiflora is a "Lifestyle Boutique" in the heart of Hillsdale, brimming with ideas for the home, garden and lifestyle living. We have carefully selected items for their individuality, style and affordability. Some names you will grow to love and look out for, others you will recognize. "Satya" for their distinctive yoga-inspired jewelry. "Kenneth Davis" for his trademark prints. "Maison Berger" for their exquisite Scents and Bottles. Thymes for their Artisan Crafted fragrances.  ROOST for their modern lines and well-crafted details, and Creative COOP for their expansive range of lifestyle products.  Just a few of our expansive Product lines.